Backing B2B SaaS Founders looking to solve LATAM's most pressing challenges

What We Do

Centurion will invest in startups applying their technologies to help enterprises achieve their impact faster and better by leveraging Jaime Sotomayor's vast network and experience connecting startups with corporates.We will look for startups with huge unfair advantages, those developing technologies that corporates can't build but could benefit enormously. Centurion can help these companies with business development.

The Team

My name is Jaime Sotomayor. I'm starting Centurion to help provide capital to LATAM startups that will help transform the corporate sector with their technologies.I've been involved in the startup ecosystem for the past 12 years. Going from Startup Founder to Startup Funder (6 Investments, 1 Exit). From University Professor to Tech Content Creator with 20k followers. From Community Member to Community Builder. From Mentor to Connecting Startups with Corporates.What motivates me to invest in startups is the possibility of generating impact through visionary founders. Having been one myself, I understand the potential one has to make a change in the industry.

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